Mysore Pak

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Time travel your relishing moments with Aroma's Mysore Pak. Rejoice in savouring the delicious Mysore Pak prepared traditionally. Aroma Sweets melts in your mouth with just the snap of your every bite. Aroma's Mysore Pak and Ghee Mysore Pak give you the authentic flavours of Mysore.

We prepare sweets with top-notch ghee, finely roasted gram flour and sugars. Our secret formula for blending the recipes delights the hearts and tastebuds of the eaters. If baking fabulous sweets is an art, then we are the artist of crafting it wonderfully.

The preparation of famous south Indian sweets kicks off with heating the right mix proportion of pure ghee and oil until both diffuse to form a single blend. The next step is to add the finely roasted gram flour and the requisite sugar to the blended syrup.

A fine stirring is done to get the right blend and heated at a medium flame until all the recipes are blended properly. Finally, the sweet is cooled at room temperature to cut the baked pak into pieces.

Aroma Bakery is very careful in picking natural recipes and we build confidence in the customer's minds by tasting Mysore Pak free from any form of preservatives.

Enlighten your mood with your favourite smacking sweets. Aroma Bakery delights your tastebud with everlasting richness, freshness and mouthwatering tastes.

You will love tasting Ghee Mysore Pak that twinkles your sensories with vibe-soothing flavours.

Celebrate every special occasion and event with Aroma's Mysore Pak and Ghee Mysore Pak. Shop Mysore Pak Online to celebrate to the fullest.