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Cherish savouring "Soan Papdi" the lightest sweet from Aroma Bakery. Soan Papdi is universally accepted as the Iconic Sweet of Diwali. Aroma's Soan Papdi gives you the experience of instant sweet melts the moment you taste it. The flaky, touch, feel and texture of papdi makes everyone get addicted to tasting it again and again.

The Diwali celebration is incomplete without Elachi Soan Papdi. Aroma's Saon Papdi is a staple sweet for evening snack time. Our bakery pins the happiness of relishing authentic flavours. Aroma's preparation style gives you smacking the novel flavours of Elachi in every nibble.

Elachi Soan Papdi from Aroma Bakery is an unparalleled treat for your tastebud, craving traditional tastes. Aroma Sweets make your senses recall the flavours whenever your mind and tastebud express their interest to savour sweets.

Our bakery's unorthodox prep style of Soan Papdi kick starts with the blending of gram flour and ghee, tailed by cooking syrup with water, sugar, and milk as the ingredients. Beat the blended recipe with the cooked syrup and powdered elachi until the recipe forms like a flake. Finally, your all-time favourite Soan Papdi is ready to delight you anytime.

Morning or evening, it doesn't be a concern to smack your favourite sweet. Aroma Sweets and Savouries/Kaaram soothe your mind with cherishable moments you create with your loved ones. Shop Elachi Soan Papdi Online to make your every nibble worth tasting whenever you wish for. Express your love in form of sharing Aroma Sweets.