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Aroma's Karasev and Pepper Sev enriches the eater's tastebud with the magic of flavours. Getting obsessed with Sev, a traditional snack of South India, last forever. The love for Pepper Sev drives you so mad that makes you mark cheat days often during your food diet.

Aroma brings you the authentic flavoursome of Karasev in every bite and nibble you make. It is just awesome. Aww! The texture, shape, flavours, and crispiness of Aroma's Sev will make you fall in love with it for damn sure.

Pepper Sev enlightens your mood with an utter feeling of crunching it. Karasev saves your break time. If your appetite is making some funny sounds, then savour Sev Snacks to warm the sounds.

The curiosity and restless thought of tasting Karasev are countless. Aroma Bakery helps you with fulfilling your all-time desire to savour the most delicious and mouthwatering Karasev and Pepper Sev. Aroma snacks dominate the snack box and snack time.

To give you the original traditional bites, Aroma Bakery prepares your favourite snack traditionally. The blending of recipes such as Gram Flour, Rice Flour, Jeera, Black Pepper, Salt, and Chilli decided the richness of Karasev.

Aroma impressed and bagged a special place in the eater's heart with its success in blending handpicked recipes. Delight your tummy and appetite with Aroma's Karasev, prepared to cherish beautiful moments of crunching sev bite-by-bite. Shop Karasev and Pepper Sev Online to share your evening snack with your dearest and relish a good time.