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It is time to fill your snack box with your favourite savouries.  Buy Snacks online to delight your appetite. Aroma's Savouries are prepared with the right blend of recipes to make your every crunch and bite more delicious. A sip of tea and a handful of crispy snacks from Aroma Bakery will touch your heart and soul.

A perfect blend of mixture sprinkled with salt and spices make you feel mouthwatering. We prepare different flavours of the mixture to fill your tummy with yummy eateries. Take the famous spicy savouries of South India to your home by shopping savouries online from Aroma.

Relish your evening snack time with Aroma’s spicy and crispy treats. Experience the crispiness of murukku in every nibble. Different varieties of murukku have a secret ingredient and recipe procedure to tingle your senses with a unique taste.

Savour the richness of crispy savouries from our snack shop and make your munch time more delightful. Buy Traditional Mixture, Bombay Mixture, Mixture, Spicy Boondi, Fried Cashew, Masala Kadalai, Dhal Mixture, Ring Murukku, Jeera Murukku, Pidi Murukku, Garlic Murukku, Special Murukku, Thatta Murukku, Karasev, Melagu/Pepper Sev, Banana Chips, Potato Chips, Ragi Pakoda, Cashew Pakoda, Ottu Pakoda, Ribbon Pakoda, and Cookies are prepared with hand-picked ingredient to make you feel full with magical tastes.