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Relish India's most famous snack of all time "Pakoda" from Aroma Bakery. Tasting the yummiest flavours of Ragi Pakoda and Cashew Pakoda bite-by-bite after sip-by-sip of tea will be mind-blowing. The experience can't be expressed in words.

Aroma's Ragi Pakoda is a snack that comes with a healthier food diet. Aroma Bakery enriches and gives you the absolute blissful feel of savouring Ragi Pakoda prepared in the home style. Texture, aroma and crispy recipes delight you every time.

Finely chopped onions, curry leaves and coriander blended with the requisite ragi flour, mixed with water and finally, deep fried in the oil. The moment your eyes get pleased with Pakoda, your tummy gives you a signal, and you start to feel mouthwatering. Aroma Bakery always soothes your tastebud and sensories.

Aroma's Ottu Pakoda and Ribbon Pakoda are the perfect crunchy snacks you wish to savour during your tea break. The spiral shape and crispiness of the Ribbon Pakoda make you sneak it, amidst your snack box filled with other savouries.

Aroma Bakery is very much peculiar and has a unique way of recipe preparation which makes your tastebud recall it every time you thought of having a snack. Ottu Pakoda from our bakery gives you to savour the traditional flavours in every bite.

Relish the freshness and everlasting crispiness in Ottu Pakoda prepared to enrich you with the ultimate happiness of savouring them. Shop Cashew Pakoda, Ottu Pakoda, Ribbon Pakoda, and Ragi Pakoda Online to relish your leisure with tasteful flavours.