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Beat your boredom with cracker-savouries "Murukku" from the house of Aroma Bakery. The real twisted snack that makes your crunches more flavoursome. Aroma Bakery gratifies your craving for Ring Murukku with the authentic absolute flavours of South India.

Pidi Murukku is a staple evening snack or a course dish to a meal in every house. Aroma's Ring Murukku, Jeera Murukku, Pidi Murukku, Garlic Murukku, Special Murukku, and Thatta Murukku gratify your appetite with their matchless flavours. Aroma Savouries enlightens your celebration and special occasion to the next level of memorable moments.

Special Murukku relishes and gives you a top-notch combo with all kinds of sweets. Spending leisure time on the couch with a handful of snacks from Aroma Bakery is a good experience to nurture.

The crunching sound, crispiness, and spiciness of the traditional savouries make your tastebud get addicted to it. Our bakery's flavours nailed a boutique taste in the minds and sensories of our eaters.

Aroma's recipe is the secret of our fabulous flavoursome. Rice flour, urad dal flour, water, and requisite spices are blended by our masters in a delightful technique that bolsters your liking to savour them around the clock. Every nibble is a delicious nibble. Smack the everlasting crisp, spice and flavour of savouries.

Aroma's snacks give you a perfect snacking time and you consume the eateries with less edible oil. Finally, a treat to your tummy and concurrently keeping an eye on your food diet. Shop Murukku Online to share and nourish healthy relationships with your dears in every celebration.