Kaju & Badam Sweets

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"Kaju Katli", is a nutrient-rich sweet for a healthy you. Aroma's Kaju Katli melts in your mouth the moment you bite and savour. Nourish in unlimited happiness on flavouring Kaju Katli. Cashew Sweets pulse your excitement on experiencing the unlimited smacking of barfi.

Aroma's Kaju Cake is always the irreplaceable sweetener served on every auspicious occasion. Cashew Sweets bagged an unparalleled spot in the hearts of most sweetie lovers. Cashew Barfi pleases and pulls the eater's eye with its unique cuts.

Damn! Adding a diamond sweet to your food plate gives you the magnificent feeling of savouring the cuisine-style eateries. Kaju Katli is the heir to the throne of the king of rich sweets. Aroma's Cashew Barfi is the go-to sweet edible in the town.

The texture and flavours are greatly inspired by the way it has been baked. Aroma Bakery never fails to impress sweet pie lovers. Our bakery's Kaju Katli stands out from the crowd as it infuses katli sweets with the finest cashews.

Kaju Katli is sweet to taste anytime whenever your mind and senses sparkle to mouthwatering. The preparation of diamond sweets starts with the blending of cashew powder with sugar syrup. We blend the dough until a fine consistency is formed. Finally, the katli dough is cut into the desired shape of the sweetie.

Aroma's Kaju Sweet gives you the same flavour whenever you nibble. Sharing sweets is a symbol of happiness. Find the joy of sharing your relishing moments with your fellas. Shop Kaju Katli Online to delight your tastebud with the real flavours of Kaju.