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Create sweet memories with Aroma Sweets. Stay put your liking and craziness on tasting your favourite dessert. Aroma Bakery infuses sugar, ghee, care, love and other recipes to give the perfect sweetness that your tastebud recalls all day long. Feel the melting of sweets the moment you dine them. Seed delightful desserts in the minds and hearts of your dears by welcoming them with Aroma Sweets. 

Discover the richness of texture, aroma and mouthwatering tastes in our sweet. Nurture a healthy relationship by sharing their most liked sweet of Aroma Bakery. Shop sweets online and we will deliver your thanksgiving to your loved ones. 

Add sweet starters to your breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, to have a cuisine feast. Indulge in tasting the divine luscious sweets prepared by aroma, only for you! 

Taste the boutique flavours of aroma’s finest preparation of Milk Khoa, Badhusha, Chandrakala, Fruit Halwa, Ajmeri Kalakandh, Milk Cake, Mysore Pak, Carrot Mysore Pak, Motichoor Laddu, Boondi Laddu, Jelebi, Kaju Katli, Kaju Cake, Kaju Flower, Badam Katli, and Elachi Soanpapdi.